Assistance request from anyone interested in Intelligence-Media relations

Major exposes of British Intelligence failures by UK news media.

I’m drawing up an indicative timeline and would appreciate any improvements you might suggest. It is very much a work in progress. It can be found:…/200222-media-intelligence-exposes

The criteria

This timeline should show:

All Major exposes of British Intelligence (in the broadest sense MI6, MI5, GCHQ and security forces) malpractice (illegality, incompetence, corruption, anti-democratic or immoral acts) primarily by UK news media. 1909 – present day. Continue reading

PL to host seminar on Privacy and Surveillance

I will be hosting ESRC funded major seminar on Privacy and Surveillance at Brunel on Wednesday.

Media Agenda-Building, National Security, Trust & Forced Transparency

Seminar 3 in the DATA PSST! series

How, when secretive intelligence methods are made public, as with Snowden’s (2013) revelations, do governments respond to maintain public trust? Led by Journalism and Security theorists and practitioners, we will explore state attempts to manage public and political opinion of secretive national security and intelligence surveillance methods; and examine implications of forced transparency for whistle-blowers, journalists, debate on national security issues, and trust in government agencies. Brunel all day July 8.

Led by Dr Vian Bakir and Paul Lashmar.

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