Assistance request from anyone interested in Intelligence-Media relations

Major exposes of British Intelligence failures by UK news media.

I’m drawing up an indicative timeline and would appreciate any improvements you might suggest. It is very much a work in progress. It can be found:…/200222-media-intelligence-exposes

The criteria

This timeline should show:

All Major exposes of British Intelligence (in the broadest sense MI6, MI5, GCHQ and security forces) malpractice (illegality, incompetence, corruption, anti-democratic or immoral acts) primarily by UK news media. 1909 – present day.

Only the breaking story not the follow ups. No op-ed.

It will inevitably be, to some extent, subjective as there are a number of criteria that are hard to define (e.g. difference between major and lesser expose).

I am usually looking for the first exclusive publication or broadcast.

While the emphasis is on revelation it can include an expose that comes when a major scandal is being investigated publicly, for example in a trial or tribunal, where the reporter finds a unique revelation.

It can be a news report based on the publication of a book with a major revelation.

It cannot be a report of malpractice revealed elsewhere.

I have tried not to rely too heavily on my own work. Nonetheless there are examples I use as I know my own work best.

Please feel fit to make suggestions for additions and corrections.

Any help appreciated please email: paul.lashmar1@btinternet,com