My part in Thatchergate

I stumbled over the National Archive documents on ‘Thatchergate’ online including the correspondence from No10 and found reference to my exclusive. Not seen it before.

This was way back around 1983 and a tape was released mysteriously that some thought was a copy of an intercepted international phone call between Reagan and Thatcher colluding over the Falklands. Others thought is was a KGB plant. It went worldwide and was dubbed Thatchergate. I was tipped that it was a fake made by the anarchist punk band Crass. I went off to their Essex – yes Essex – farmhouse and met with Penny Rimbaud and fellow anarchos.

After a bit of discussion they cheerily admitted the fake and showed my how they had done it. It was hysterical how such a home made job was taken seriously.

Anyway the website Spy Culture has put the extensive public record archive online. I always had a soft spot for Crass therafter. To see the lot click here including the recording. Below is my favourite as it refers to my Observer story.