My panel on Investigative Journalism at NCTJ went down very well

Some of the best investigative journalism is being done locally, NCTJ conference told.

Regional news outlets are producing some of the best investigative journalism, said Paul Myers, head of the BBC Academy’s investigative hub at the NCTJ Journalism Skills Conference.

Paul made the comments in a question and answer session during a panel session on investigative journalism at the event hosted by the BBC Academy on Thursday, 26 November. He cited BBC Northern Ireland’s Spotlight programme as an example of what could be achieved through effective investigative work.

During the session, Paul Myers also discussed his favourite online tools for investigative journalism. He showed delegates how they could quickly analyse Twitter users to find common themes, use Google to find information about a person using only a picture and using Skype Grab to find an IP address.

Also on the panel were investigative editors Jeanette Oldham, of Birmingham Mail, and David Powles of Archant. The session was chaired by Paul Lashmar, senior lecturer in journalism, University of Sussex.

Paul Lashmar said investigative journalism was still one of the most exciting forms of journalism and he urged tutors to instil in their students a desire to protect their sources.