James Oliver and my book on Cold War Propaganda got a strange kind of plug in Crace’s Digested Read in Guardian this morning. (Page 20)

Crace’s Digested Read

James Oliver (now a Panorama Producer) and my co-authored book on Cold War propaganda got a strange kind of plug this morning in Crace’s Digested Read (page 20) of Christopher Hitchen’s book in Guardian. All over the Orwell list that went to IRD and then MI5. Written by Hitch in 2002 and it still rumbles along.

Britain’s Secret Cold War Propaganda co-authored with James Oliver, published Oct 1998 by Sutton Pub Ltd.

PL’s review of Gordon Corera’s book Intercept published in Ethical Space journal.

Intercept: The secret history of computers and
Gordon Corera
Weidenfeld and Nicholson, pp 432
ISBN 978 0 297 87173 6
The Snowden affair will be to national security
correspondents what Watergate was to investigative
journalists, a watershed moment. The
author of Intercept, Gordon Corera, is ideally
situated to report on both the before and after
of the Snowden revelations as he has been the
BBC’s security correspondent for the last twelve
years… (extract)

Can be found in latest edition of Ethical Space journal. Vol 12 No 3/4. Dec 2015