Congratulations to blacklisted workers winning righteous compensation. PL will not need to give evidence now.

I’m delighted to see that the Blacklisted workers have won their cases and will get some serious and righteous compensation. I will not need to give evidence in the High Court now next week. Documents David Leigh and I had got at The Observer back in 1989 when  we exposed the Economic League were going to play an important part of the case linking the employers much more closely to the blacklisting system.

Among the papers were memos on Services Group headed notepaper which lawyers argued demonstrated that it was an entity separate to the League. I also had lists of meetings and attendees which the lawyers believe demonstrated the extent of the same companies involvement i.e. not just as consumers of a service.

Although the industry defendants did not directly admit their involvement in the operation of the Services Group the lawyers were in this way able to get from them compensation for the period prior to the creation of the Consulting Association i.e. on behalf of men who had been blacklisted earlier than 1994 by the League. Without the additional evidence companies that used the blacklist may have maintained their stance that they were only liable for damage done after 1994.