Congratulations to Andrew Jennings and James Oliver for FIFA story award. Some exceptional UK journalism to consider.

If you want to see some great examples of UK journalism I suggest you follow up these award storied. I’m particularly pleased about the award of Sports Story of the year to old friends Andrew Jennings and James Oliver at BBC Panorama.


The 2016 FPA Media Awards took place on Tuesday 29 November

Journalist of the year:

2016 Marcel Mettelsiefen: Channel 4


TV News Story of the Year:

Lisa Holland, Mostyn Pryce

Rescue in the Aegean

Sky News

Print & Web News Story of the Year

Anthony Loyd

The man who shot me now works for the CIA

The Times

Financial/Economic Story of the Year

Ed Caesar

The Moscow Laundromat

The New Yorker

TV Documentary/Feature Story of the Year

Marcel Mettelsiefen, Stephen Ellis

Children on the frontline: The Escape

Channel 4

Print & Web Feature Story of the Year

Christina Lamb

A fight for the soul of the world

Sunday Times Magazine

Radio Story of the Year

Manveen Rana, Nick Sutton, Emma Rippon, Peter Karlsen

A new life in Europe

BBC Radio 4

Environment Story of the Year

Karim Shah, Fazeelat Aslam, Daniel Bogado, Monica Garnsey, Eamonn Matthews

Unreported World: The city with no water

Channel 4

Arts & Culture Story of the Year

Liviu Tipurita, Sarah Waldron, Sam Bagnall

The New Gypsy Kings


Thomson Foundation Young Journalist from the Developing World

Yousra Elbagir


Science Story of the Year

Javid Abdelmoneim, Josie Wicks, Harri Grace, Richard Jephcote

Operation Gaza

Al Jazeera

Story of the Year by a Full Member of the FPA

Nahlah Ayed, Tracy Seeley, Richard Devey

Dirty work


Sports Story of the Year

Andrew Jennings, James Oliver, Karen Wightman, Andrew Head, Matt Bardo, Dan Newling and Laura Burns

Panorama: Fifa, Sepp Blatter and me


Travel/Tourism Story of the Year

Jack Shenker

Welcome to the land that no country wants

The Guardian Long Reads