With thousands of patients being held in ambulances at A&E, Maitlis holds Hunt’s feet to the fire – a masterclass

Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis interview with Jeremy Hunt last night on the winter crisis in hospitals was a masterclass in political interviewing. Completely on top of the brief she was measured, balanced, clear, precise and she got the tone exactly right. I might have said surgical if it wasn’t an item on the NHS. Hunt was left with a platitudinous line of defence even citing health service pressures in Australia to suggest the current mess was not exceptional. Most ridiculously he would not admit there is a crisis though anyone who has contact with NHS in the last week or so knows there is one. Hunt really does not have the gravitas expected of a Secretary of State for Health. The whole Newsnight report on the NHS was excellent. Well done BBC. That is what journalism is there for.

Interview after 19.00 mins in

Newsnight – 03/01/2018
With Emily Maitlis.