Following up our Observer expose from Sunday – “The US, UK and Australia cannot lecture the world about human rights until they come clean about the purge”

The West’s role in the 1960s massacre of Indonesian communists . From the National News, Abu Dhabi

The Foreign Office’s nasty, sneaky part in the Indonesian massacres of 1965-66 – new evidence

Thanks to The Observer for letting Nick, James and I follow up and produce this story. Please share for impact.

Arron Banks’s lawsuit against reporter a freedom of speech matter, court hears

Carole Cadwalladr’s team sets out defence in first day of libel trial brought by Leave.EU funder

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Carole Cadwalladr at Ted talk 2019

Andrew Jennings RIP. Investigative Journalist extraordinaire.

I am sorry to report the death of Andrew Jennings, a friend and colleague for forty years. He was a truly extraordinary journalist and we shared many an adventure together. My condolences to his partner Clare and the children Rosie, Henry and Sophie.

Andrew Jennings and I at World in Action, Golden Square, London W1 1991

Andrew was never one to let things go. He will be bouncing around the afterworld to doorstep the corrupt Swiss sports administrator Sepp Blatter (FIFA) and the Spanish fascist Juan Antonio Samaranch (IOC) and ask them about taking bribes and the damage they did to sport. There are a few old ‘bad men’ there he will be wanting a word with.