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peace_is_ourHe has opened a batch of his US Cold War archive films: click here This archive of broadcast – quality beta video tapes is the result of many weeks of research and transfer in many archives but mostly the US National Archives.

Most of it is public domain so does not cost anything to use from the originating archive. Some of it is from copyright holders who do charge. Much of it is not available in the UK.

Source: NASM/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/in              Subject
01:00:45:06 Flight Safety C-l30
01:01:22:09 Pilot in cockpit/dials/C-130 in flight

01:17:43:11 C130 in flight (shot from above)
01:18:14:22 Aerial mapping
01:18:40:15 C130 Taking off
01:18:58:04 Photo navigator
01:19:54:03 C130 in flight shot from below
01:20:09:02 Aerial mapping procedure inside C130
01:20:58:09 C130 in flight
01:21:07:11 Mapping
01:21:20:02 Camera doors opening on flying C130/POV (ground)
01:21:33:19 C130 landing/C130 on ground/C130 in flight filmed from above

Source: NBC NY/commercial (BETA PAL)
T/IN:          Subject:

10:00:31:17 Air base/plane taking off and flying over camera/SAC banner
10:00:43:21 LeMay at air base saluting troops

10:00:55:04 LeMay speaking publicly
10:01:10:07 campaigning with Wallace (colour)
10:01:16:24 LeMay descending steps from plane/surrounded by military personnel

10:01:54:23 Bush and Yeltsin at White House press conference
10:02:20:03 congressman viciously attacking Bush
10:02:27:13 Bush and Yeltsin shaking hands with officials at the White House
10:02:35:23 US congress
10:02:55:08 Yeltsin greets press


Source: Pathe/commercial (PAL BETA)
T/IN             Subject
10:00:00:10 Comet in Moscow Airport USAF at Sculthorpe Geneva Conference Thule Airforce Base Eisenhower and Truman at Maryland Airbase B-47s

Source: copyright source (BETA SP PAL)
Colour (No sound)
T/IN       Subject

Home movies by former RAF pilot mainly of Canberras circa 1956 including visits abroad. Meeting dignitaries at Habbinaya Airfield in Iraq.

Local scenes. Much in flight, taking off, shots. Very good quality footage for home movies. Includes rare footage of jet-assisted takeoff. V- Bomber takes with rocket assistance. Footage occasionally has colour problem (too blue), moody footage of RAF senior officer talking with pilots. Poor quality air to ground shots. Moody shot s of sunrise over airbase.
Ends at 49 mins

01:25:00:00 More foreign military looking at Canberras. Times of Malta. Landing at Gibraltar. Crews sunbathing at dockside. Lisboa. Greece. Istanbul. Canberra does display over Istanbul. Boat of the Golden Horn.
Ends after 24 mins

Source: NASM
T/IN       Subject
10:00:00 General home scenes – on the house steps
10:00:37 Jane LeMay in front of house in the winter – with doll, sledge, etc
10:02:23 Mrs LeMay feeds the squirrel
10:03:10 Sledging
10:04:30 Jane LeMay in the summer – followed by general scenes around the house
10:07:27 Jane LeMay with dog
10:07:41 Dog in snow – Jane skiing in front of house
10:08:52 Jane in summer dress
10:09:20 More sledging
10:11:11 Lake and family fishing scenes
10:16:33 Eating the fish
10:17:52 Jane in dog and trap
10:19:47 LeMay’s and friends
10:24:05 Jane goes horse riding
10:25:03 Pool
10:26:35 Mrs LeMay & Jane with LeMay
10:27:19 Jane with bike
10:28:46 Jane with flower and skipping
10:29:50 Jane on horseback

Source: BBC/commercial (BETA PAL)
(Time code)

T/IN       Subject
10:00:00 Emperors visit to Tokyo good for destroyed city
10:01:17 Aerials of Tokyo bombed
10:02:47 Downed B29
10:03:29 General view – bombed city /civilians eating in ruins/refugees/wide shot ruins with distant people
10:04:51 Aerial of Tokyo (as above)
10:06:1 3 Pan along civilians/man holding dead child/woman crying over dead body
10:09:24 People by big building – sleeping rough/in shelters
10:10:38 Americans in Tokyo – gates/ruined streets/t/s ruins/bigwig army
10:14:13 US aerials islands/Tokyo
1 0:19:10 General Arnolds message to Japan – meets aircrew/they sign bomb
10:23:57 Explosions/volcano/planes pov explosions (day)
10:28:31 GIs invading
End Tape

Source: Film/Audio Services/National Archives in public domain (BETA PAL / NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
03:00:00 Truman signing documents
03:01:16 VJ celebrations
03:03:32 Red menace (mute)/ European marches/demo
03:05:04 US mock arrests/printing propaganda/USSR prices/soup kitchens/ check points/rally
03:07:19 Mock invasion (sound) arrests /trials /prison camps
03:09:11 Ext. Atomic energy building
03:10:56 Ships bringing home soldiers after WWll / New York GI meets wife & baby
03:19:52 More Ships bringing GIs home
03:20:57 Security sign Atomic base/check point/pov desert/base /radar/action stations/check point 2 /then ditto

T/IN       Subject
02:00:00 Strategic Air Power (film)
02:02:13 Lots of planes in formation B17 /dropping bombs/B29 taking off/maps/lots of B29s on runway/in air /bomb doors opening/
02:03:30 B29s in formation (badly scratched)/graphic of range/B36s
02:04:25 Pullout from map to LeMay (giving lecture)
02:06:13 B36s on runway (maintenance)
02:07:26 Briefing big map /man pointing stick02:11:16 B36 take off/map RB 36 with Camera
02:12:07 Practice Bombing/bomb fighter/ explosions
02:14:18 B29 refuelling in air/
02:15:25 B29s dropping bombs/gvs inside craft/explosions on ground/landing
02:18:59 Life on base/man on phone
02:19:36 Night take off B29s
02:21:10 Radar at night/int radar station/maps/int plane on bomb run
02:23:45 Graphic destroying enemy cities (great graphic)

T/IN       Subject
01:01:39 Air Power And The Man
01:02:23 LeMay being sworn in by JFK
01:13:16 Gvs of LeMay in England with troops
01:15:28 Guam /plane /LeMay/in Briefing room/giving speech to troops
01:16:16 B29 taking off/squadron pass over head/dropping bombs on Japan/on ground with pipe
01:17:52 Int. officer’s mess/b52 flying/photos
01:19:18 Three B29s LeMay and other officer’s
01:19:30 Rocket/plane/missile
01:19:55 Berlin /”halt” empty road /roadblock/loading supplies on to planes /plane over barbed wire/
01:20:?? Montage of Sac planes re-fuelling/flypasts
01:22:00 L/a LeMay & Power
01:22:30 Montage of missiles
01:22:30 LeMay off plane/meeting other bigwigs
01:23:20 LeMay in Washington/round up photos

T/IN       Subject
10:00:00 Bombed-out city buildings
10:00:23  Aerial of flattened city landscape
10:01:11   Shoreline shots

T/IN       Subject
10:00:00 Guam – B29 on runway
10:00:16 Damaged B29 with wind powered well
10:00:54 Tents and huts in jungle
10:01:20 Pre-fabricated housing for airmen
10:01:48 Airmen outside large wooden building
10:02:24 Airmen relaxing
10:02:45 Airmen waiting for food outside mess hall
10:02:49 HQ and flag
10:03:20 USAC officers including LeMay
10:04:42 Jungle
10:05:19 LeMay with Another officer
10:05:36 Jungle and accommodation
10:06:03 LeMay with cine-camera
10:06:27 Aerials of destroyed city
10:06:59 Guam accommodation
10:07:47 Aerials of destroyed city
10:13:28 Fire with black smoke being put out

T/IN       Subject
10:00:00 Generals O’Donnell, Ramey, Norstad and LeMay
10:00:10 Guam coastline and city
10:01:07 Group of Air Corps officers – crashed aircraft
10:01:40 Airmen climbing on broken tanks
10:01:47 Group of airmen including posing for photographs
10:02:55 Bombed streets in Manila
10:05:26 Crashed Japanese planes
10:06:00 LeMay & Kuter – Generals Arnold and Armstrong at ceremony of B29 Christening called ‘Fleet Admiral Nimitz’
10:07:51 Generals Power, LeMay and Doolittle in group
10:08:17 HQ 314th Bomb Wing
10:08:30 Gen. Arnold gets out of car and is greeted by Power and LeMay
10:08:41 Gen. Arnold gives speech flanked by Power and LeMay

T/IN       Subject
10:00:00 LeMay and officers of the three forces exit building to inspect various servicemen
10:00:50 LeMay greets officers of allied nations services
10:01:46 C/up of LeMay
10:01:53 LeMay and wife listening to officer

T/IN       Subject
10:00:00 Christmas with the LeMay’s – kids and mum round the tree
10:01:42 Mr & Mrs Tommy Power
10:01:55 Reade Tilley
10:02:46 Jane LeMay – nice shot of her raising her rolling her eyes as dad films her – followed by the group being served at the table
10:03:52 Summer scenes – Jane LeMay
10:04:16 Mrs LeMay and car – gets in and drives away – various scenes of cars
10:08:17 Some strange and sordid ceremony!?
10:10:26 Pool side scenes with Jane, her dog and a hunk
10:13:26 Officers waiting in group beside runway with aircraft on it
10:14:03 LeMay with two other officers
10:14:24 Guard of honour
10:14:21 LeMay with two other officers
10:14:35 Jane LeMay with dog and hoop
10:15:22 sailing down Rio way
10:17:02 LeMay’s and officers boarding a jet

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
01:00:00 The Last Bomb – images of maps of ops – B29s – Guam – happy natives in fields – AFB and supplies – ground crews at work – B29s starting up for an op.
01:03:41  HQ 21st Bomber Command – LeMay at pre-op briefing – the plan
01:05:30 Bomb loading/maintenance/Catalina
01:06:54 Control Room – man on floor map with coloured yarns to indicate routes
01:07:35  Man indicates targets on map with yarn – Tokyo!
01:08:00 B29s ready for take off – take off

01:11:53 B29s in flight
01:12:01 Crew inside plane
01:12:27 Iwo Jima
01:13:08 P51 fighters – take off and in flight
01:14:19 Inside B29
01:15:17 Fighter escort – B29s in flight
01:16:30 Mount Fujiama – increasing flak
01:16:53 Japanese fighters attack including suicide fighters

01:18:50 Clouds and B29s
01:19:09 B29s bombing
01:21:15 Shots of Tokyo devastation – “51 square miles of the LeMay treatment.”
01:21:27 Fighters in dog fight
01:23:58 Strafing attacks

01:27:25 Regrouping
01:28:00 Landings on Iwo Jima
01:29:20 B29 ditching
01:29:47 B29 belly landing
01:30:38 Inside B29
01:32:35 Fire crew go to aid of crashed B29 – and struggle to put out fire
01:33:40 B29s in formation – A-Bomb blast

Source: University of Alabama, center for public television/commercial & B/C NASM (BETA PAL/NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
A. 10:00:01 Wallace/LeMay Press Conference, 1968
B. 10:15:00 LeMay & Family
10:17:00 LeMay’s Family & Friends – Cherry Blossom
C. 10:21:00 B17’s take-off/bombing mission

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL/NTSC)

T/IN       Subject
02:00:00 “Strategic Air Command”
02:01:14 Col. Doors speaks
02:01:22 Guards salute as Col. Doors exits
02:01:34 Telex
02:01:55 Col. Doors
02:02:22 On telephone – weather talk
02:02:57 It is the most powerful military force in world history.
02:03:16 CCTV
02:03:27 Red phone
02:03:47 Control room
02:03:58 Col. Doors
02:04:15 SAC’s flexible plans
02:04:31 Map room – big board
02:04:53 Map of world
02:05:18 Clocks
02:05:24 Col. Doors
02:05:40 War dance
02:06:30 If the buttons’ ever pressed, we’re all set to go.
02:06:34 Good shot of plans
02:07:12 During the time period 1958 through 1960 the United States has an offensive strike force…
02:07:20 World map/globe – graphic of war – USSR blows up
02:07:50 Reds attack in graphic
02:08:22 SAC bases around the world – danger of enemy gaining strength – graphics of war – This must never happen
02:09:00 No one wins nuclear war / Despite our efforts the Communists may resort to general war
02:09:18 If they start a war, this is what will happen -1960!
02:09:49 We have a large number of unidentified aircraft… – conference call
02:10:27 CCTV
02:11:34 1/3 of force launched in 20 min.
02:11:48 Gen. Larson picks up phone to JCS

02:12:10 JCS – Implement ‘Quick-strike’
02:12:26 Gen. Larson gives the orders
02:13:30 Col. Doors gives orders for ‘Quick-strike’
02:14:06 All stations acknowledge…
02:14:14 Klaxon!
02:14:17 Scramble
02:14:22 Red light
02:14:27 Warrior Center scramble – good
02:14:55 Jeep convoy
02:15:19 B52s in snow scene
02:15:47 B47s in hot climate
02:16:18 B52s in snow
02:16:33 B47s take off
02:17:04 Control tower
02:17:22 Moroccan guards
02:17:25 B47-top shot!
02:17:55 Cold climate – B47s/B52s
02:18:14 Control tower – B52 take offs
02:18:30 Plane in Arctic
02:18:38 Take off from inside plane
02:18:43 B52 take off

02:19:00 This is Russia
02:20:04 All powerful newspaper editor lying about USSR
02:20:13 Reporters
02:20:35 Nice home
02:20:56 Kremlin – car factory – farm
02:21:20 Foreclosure – chucked out – wife hits bottle
02:21:47 Plane
02:22:04 Communist front meeting
02:22:35 Russian crowds
02:22:52 Orthodox Church shots – includes Red Star

02:23:24 Sledges in snow
02:24:19 Russian workers
02:24:40 Factory managers
02:24:50 Higher education
02:25:06 Farming scenes – women in fields – machinery, etc.
02:26:00 Heavy industry
02:26:14 Russian officers and child recruits
02:26:50 Red Army cadets – threat!?
02:27:10 Red Army marching scenes – military hardware in Red Square
02:27:29 Houses of Parliament – Eiffel tower – British Army – NATO
02:28:18 Rocket – A-Bomb blast – houses disintegrating flames – V. Good
02:28:53 B47s – B52
02:29:11 Marching US forces – perhaps good for arms build up shots!
02:29:26 Jets fly overhead

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)

T/IN       Subject
03:00:00 Universal Newsreel
03:01:10 The UN exterior and inside – may be useful without commentary
03:02:50 LBJ honours LeMay on retirement – last of WW2 commanders to serve in JCS
03:03:34 Andrews AFB tribute
03:03:46 Fly-past

03:06:29 United News newsreel
03:06:56 Japanese surrender ceremony
03:14:18 Fly-past

03:14:47 USAAF – Peace is here
03:14:56 Arnold & Norstad meet crew of B29
03:17:46 Arnold’s message to Japan
03:18:23 Officer writes message on bomb

03:19:08 Japanese war damage – V. good
03:22:16 LeMay and others to inspect war damage
03:22:58 LeMay with Cine-camera
03:23:34 Official footage of damage

03:26:18 Cuban Missile Crisis
03:26:22 UN building
03:26:42 U Thant

03:32:16 LeMay & White swearing in, 1961
03:32:58 LeMay swearing in
03:33:58 Wide shot of the same

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)

Poor colour nearer to black and white but good quality
T/IN       Subject
04:00:00 Defence Leaders conference (Silent)
04:00:32 Troops
04:01:26 Radford
04:02:00 Charles Wilson – Ike?
04:03:03 LeMay in Hawaiian shirt with shotgun
04:03:25 Wilson
04:05:00 LeMay leaving bus
04:05:40 Ike in jeep
04:07:17 Ike plays golf
04:08:29 Iwo Jima monument
04:09:00 Quantico meeting – Wilson on podium marked ‘Top Secret”

04:10:10 Radios – first with missile on top (silent!)
04:12:04 Washington street scenes
04:13:08 Mr & Mrs America
04:13:53 SAC control room at Offutt – night scene
04:15:30 Pentagon from the Potomac
04:16:00 Washington Monument
04:16:40 McNamara

04:20:19 People enter Pentagon and car pulls up
04:23:09 Sign – “Department of Defence”
04:23:15 Pentagon sign
04:23:27 Statues in Washington – GVs of the city
04:25:07 More GVs of Washington
04:26:17 Missile silo – various shots
04:27:40 Honour guard – Presidential – H. Selassi arrives and sits with
04:29:26 Kennedy and group including LeMay

04:30:39 USAA – OF 45International Problems of 1947
04:30:51 Intro, text – global US/USSR conflict, etc.
04:31:54 Soviet expansionism
04:32:06 Stalin
04:32:10 Red Square
04:32:20 WWII goodwill has gone
04:32:39 Communist aggression – demonstrations, etc.
04:33:00 Iron curtain – graphic
04:33:21 Newspapers

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
05:00:33 Newsreel – Kennedy Tours – visits SAC HQ, 1962
05:00:45 Power gives Kennedy tour (post Cuba crisis)
05:01:04 Kennedy presents Power with plaque
05:01:12 SAC guards
05:01:17 Kennedy lands in helicopter at Los Alamos for visit

05:06:20 Civil Defence film – The House in the Middle
05:08:50 Newspapers lying about
05:09:10 An un-littered table
05:09:12 2 homes – ready for the bomb
05:09:53 Better, safer housekeeping
05:10:15 The house on the right – an eyesore
0510:32 The house in the middle – tidy, etc.
05:11:09 What do these tests prove?
05:11:38 You can help protect your home, even from the…

05:12:35 Gen. Clay – Berlin airlift newsreel
05:12:38 Gen. Clay arrives
05:12:51 Clay gives speech – Reds underestimate our strength in the air

05:16:24 Uni. Newsreel – President warns cost of missile race
05:16:40 Ike gives speech on it
05:17:40 We will never be an aggressor
05:20:53 10,000 mile trip – LeMay on runway and in cockpit – mission is to revive confidence in US air power
05:21:44 LeMay arriving back and being greeted – some good shots

05:22:46 Newsreel – B52 shows power
05:23:00 B52s – good shots of re-fuelling – looks like Strangelove – good formation shots

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
06:00:40 USAF (1957) Aircraft Recognition – Soviet Jet Aircraft
06:01:15 The Bear
06:01:21 Shots of Bear and other planes at Soviet air show
06:01:41 Bear – not real footage
06:05:04 Bear – real footage
06:05:10 Bear – fake
06:05:43 Bear – real footage
06:05:58 Bear – fake
06:06:33 Bear – real

06:06:57 Newsreel – Korea: UN Prisoners Reported Murdered
06:07:13 War damaged landscape
06:07:17 Refugees
06:07:21 Bodies in ditch – laid out to be identified, etc.
06:08:09 UN footage – West rearms – Eden
06:09:30 Civil Defence – New York Holds Mass Drill Against A-Bomb
06:09:35 Scenes of what could happen!

06:13:46 Newsreel – Day of Preparedness Observed by Nation
06:14:01 Troops marching in Washington on Armed Forces Day
06:14:10 Truman watching The defenders of freedom
06:14:29 Truman giving gongs
06:14:51 Troops leaving in boat to serve with NATO – defending W. Europe
06:15:22 Truman at big dinner and gives speech re: Korea
06:17:23 I am an American Day in NYC – crowds listen to speeches and reaffirmations ‘of faith’ – nuts!

06:20:38 Marshall Plan – Marshall sworn in with Truman watching in Oval Office – big policy change – Marshall Plan – need to keep Greece free – Truman in White House
06:22:41 Containment explained – graphics
06:23:00 George F. Kennan
06:23:27 More graphics of Containment
06:23:43 Europe in ruins
06:24:0 Paris talks – followed by map showing Soviet rejection of Marshall Plan UN – exterior and inside – Marshall giving speech – Vishinsky replies
06:24:22 Paris – Plan is signed – Bevin
06:25:14 Ammunition for peace – industry and food
06:25:45 Marshall with Senate Committee
06:26:11 First results – and Communist troublemaking
06:26:42 Split screen – conflict of ideals and faith – what US strives for, etc.
06:29:37 Children give the pledge of allegiance
06:29:51 US flag – v. good

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
07:00:40 Defence Budget
07:01:30 Missile launch and title Your Defence
07:01:48 Aerial of the Pentagon – followed by intro. by Sec. of Defence
07:04:00 Aircraft carrier – fighter jet
07:04:34 B52s in formation
07:04:46 Tanks in production and in desert
07:05:04 JCS – Twining – Ike with Twining
07:05:23 Fleet
07:05:34 A/H-Bomb test
07:05:39 US allies – war games
07:06:12 Sidi Slimane AFB in Morocco – B52s on runway and taking off
07:06:29 Arctic station
07:06:34 Radar warning screens
07:06:47 SAC group shot in Control Room
07:07:11 Ice breakers
07:07:51 War games – allied cooperation and military aid – military production – R&D
07:10:28 NYC skyline from Hudson
07:11:23 Radar situated on sea platform
07:11:38 Missiles take off – US ground to air
07:11:47 B52 take off
07:11:59 Honest John missiles in military parade
07:12:15 Devastated city shots – could be Tokyo?
07:12:25 Statue of Liberty
07:12:46 Missile launch (IRBM – Thor)
07:12:58 Jupiter launch
07:13:55 Redstone launch in slow
07:16:10 Red Square parade – troops – very big missiles – globe – Bison flypast
07:17:05 US sub-launch missile
07:17:38 Nautilus
07:18:07 Sub-sea nuclear test blast
07:18:32 Re-fuelling B52
07:18:59 B52s in formation
07:19:13 Snark guided missile launch
07:19:25 Chart showing missile ranges
07:19:40 Atlas launch (ICBM)
07:19:58 Map of US superimposed over film of crowd and troops

07:20:40 The Airman’s World with Jimmy Stewart
07:21:07 Jimmy Stewart on deterrence
07:21:15 Deterrence is synonymous with SAC
07:21:43 SAC’s arsenal – three rocket types, etc.
07:22:10 B47s/52s
07:22:28 Good c/u of missile
07:22:47 SAC HQ, Omaha – the building – SAC Elite Guard – entrance hall with guards
07:23:22 C/U of a SAC Elite Guard – followed by walk through halls/security and footage similar to on M113 “SAC” (reel 1) with a description of how it all works
07:25:27 Control Room – how SAC’s Command and Control system works continues
07:29:50 Message system
07:30:43 Airborne command plane – exterior and inside
07:31:24 SAC can give the word which would quickly launch the most powerful military force in history.
07:31:31 Klaxon – Warrior Center scramble – B47s/52s take off
07:32:23 Map room
07:32:33 Missile rises + missile with SAC logo
07:32:53 B52 – v. good shot
07:33:06 Jimmy Stewart

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
08:00:40  Allied officers walking and entering a building – three officers in an office planning incl. one 5 star general possible Nimitz
08:03:12  Sign – ‘Commander: Forward Area Central Pacific: HQ Islands Command’
08:03:18  Small building with US Flag on top
08:03:37  Three star general working at desk smoking a pipe- poss McArthur – then joined by officers
08:04:39  One star general with staff around desk
08:06:32  Pre fab buildings on base – various shots of base
08:07:32  Direction sign – ‘War room CG XXI BC’ – c/u of them
08:08:19  Sign Headquarters ‘XXI Bomber Command’ above door
08:08:25  Sign – ‘Headquaters 20th Air Force’
08:08:45  Operations room with LeMay working – good!
08:09:40  Operations room men answering phones/planning etc – good.

08:11:02   President Kennedy arrives at a SAC missile base with Thomas Power – greets the men in nice whit uniforms – McNamara greets men before Kennedy is given a memento – Power laughing – the group enters the base.
08:12:49  Kennedy, Power, McNamara, etc. coming out of SAC missile base – get in car and leave – missile head in B/G
08:13:14  Kennedy car sweeps past.
08:13:31  Kennedy, Power, McNamara and others on roadside – watch missile launch – Power explaining to Kennedy etc.
08:14:22  Back in car
08:14:48  In hangar – displays of defence technology and and exhibits – ‘Moon Base’, flying saucer.
08:15:33  Kennedy in car arrives on runway – night – B52 and missiles in background.
08:15:55  Arrive to watch missile launch (shot from different angle).
08:16:51  Missile base – launch scene.

08:21:27  Newsreel ‘Deny Rocket lag: Atlas firing keynotes US Military build up’
08:21:44  Missile building plant – missiles being built.
08:21:58  Ike denies missile gap – shots of Thir, Atlas, etc
08:22:35  Atlas launch

08:27:51  Newsreel – Kennedy sworn in
08:28:06  White House
08:28:10  Kennedy in Oval Office
08:28:28  Kennedy & Ike
08:28:36  Washington – road leading to Capital – Presidential convoy
08:28:39  Inauguration crowds and the capital – arrival of Nixon, Ike, Kennedy and LBJ
08:29:17  LBJ sworn in
08:29:35  Kennedy sworn in
08:30:31  Kennedy speech
08:32:20 Lunching
08:32:36 Parade to White House, military parade, balls, etc.

Source: Lockheed/commercial (BETA PAL) (B&W + colour)
1 0:00:00 The U-2 and TR-1 Story
10:00:11 Images of 1950’sUS
1 0:00:34 Military parade in Red Square – Cold War images
1 0:03:09 U2s take off and in flight
1 0:04:23 Gary Powers before take off- getting in U2 take off

T/IN       Subject
02:01:00 The Air Force Story – introduction
02:02:07 On to the Yalu, 1950 – USAF in Korean War 02:06:13 B29s – crews – take off
02:06:43 B29s in flight and bombing – good shots of falling bombs and ground bursts

T/IN       Subject
03:01:04 USAF presents The Air Force Story introduction
03:02:03 Our World-Wide Air Force: 1953-1959
03:03:19 Soviet air power and commentary on Soviet military build up and threat of world domination – air show
03:04:33 Images of cartoon bombers overhead – Our answer to this threat had to be air power – Soviet global threat, etc.
03:05:10 Guam AFB in 1 950’s – B47’s moving out on runway
and taking off (V.good)
03:06:20 Soviet Badger and MIGs taking off
03:06:42 Red Square military parade
03:07:08 NATO HQ- meetings, etc.
03:08:10 The new B52 – seen taking off in heavy snow – may good as illustration of all-weather preparedness of SAC
03:08:46 B52 in flight with commentary on its capabilities
03:09:03 Offutt – SAC HQ- including maps
03:09:40 Missiles – various launches
03:11:01 RAF – Thor
03:11:11 Atlas – various shots
03:1 2:06 B52s/47s, etc. – We had our modern bomber force… if war was forced upon us – some good shots
03:13:15 Radar
03:1 3:57 B52s flying in formation – V. good

Source: Norton AFB/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
10:01:08 C130
10:07:21 Air refuelling of B29s?
10:07:32 LeMay giving briefing and pointing to map – Offutt AFB
10:08:04 Korean War images
10:08:27 B29s bombing – B47s
10:09:09 Air re-fuelling of B47
10:09:16 Operation Big Stick – B36s
10:09:46 Soviets have H-bomb – mushroom cloud – headlines
10:10:13 B52s – good shots on MINTO
10:10:56 U2 – Cuba
10:11:21 B29 flying record flight

Source: NADEZDA/commercial (BETA PAL)
Soundtrack in Russian
T/IN       Subject
00:00:36 Moscow parade
00:00:51 Khrushchev gives speech – Paris 1960? – re: provocation
00:01:30 U2 wreckage and crews who shot it down
00:01:47 Wreckage in museum – various shots including of photographs, Powers pistol, etc.
00:02:54 Powers still
00:03:15 The U2s route
00:03:27 Wreckage in field
00:03:37 Press conference
00:04:13 Soviet military hardware on parade
00:04:16 Khrushchev visiting U2 exhibition
00:05:09 Powers trial
00:05:49 Twining visiting Moscow for Air Show – various shots of show
00:07:28 Twining and Soviet generals
00:09:10 The Bear and Bison are shown off as well as other aircraft
00:11:26 Twining amongst guests and at lunch in garden
00:11:49 Press conference – U2 – equipment on display
00:15:01 Soviet air defences in mock action
00:17:12 SAMs launched
00:18:59 Radar
00:19:10 Crew get into Bear and take off – good shots
00:19:35 Radar – scramble!!! Very good to illustrate Soviet reaction to U2 and other over flights – followed by more footage of Soviet air defences in action – radar, Mig 21,etc.
00:30:05 Press conference – U2 (same as before but with sound)
00:32:13 USAF/SAC base – barbed wire, etc. illustrating security – evil militarists etc.
00:33:22 French police being fascists – followed by various Western leaders
00:34:27 Demonstrator being hit

Source: MOVIETONE/Commercial (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
01:00:00 Air Race – Final Scenes
01:00:15  Canberra – flying/take off/landing
01:01:43  Spy Plane – U2 – Khrushchev and U2 exhibition
01:02:12  Powers in US
01:02:23  Khrushchev at exhibition

Source: MOVIETONE/commercial (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
01:00:08 Geneva Summit, 1955
01:01:56 Paris Summit, 1960

TAPE 128
T/IN       Subject
04:00:29 RB45s
04:01:36 Loading nose camera
04:14:16 Cleaning lens
04:17:36 Developed film

Source: Film/Audio Services/National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL/NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
01:00:58 USAF U2 – preparation and take off
01:11:26 AFB – playing basket ball, post, 27th Recon. Tech.,
01:15:25 Photograph development
01:20:52 USAF U2 prep, and take off
01:23:25 B52 take off/landing/maintenance

Source: Film/Audio Services/National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL/NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
02:00:21 Berlin Blockade Ends
02:08:44 The Bridge
02:26:38 Sputnik
02:28:23 Berlin airlift

Source: Film/Audio Services/National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL/NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
03:00:20 Kennedy elected (2 stories)
03:07:47 Civil servants -1945
03:14:04 Civil servants to work
03:20:27 USSR withdraws missiles
03:21:42 Ike denies space lag
03:23:35 Bikini Underwater Blast

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL/NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
04:00:01 Pentagon and Washington aerial
04:02:05 GI’s return by ship & plane
04:04:22 Point system frees GI’s
04:05:50 Here come the Yanks
04:16:44 Japanese in rubble

Source: Alf Penn/commercial (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
01:00:00 Moscow/Khrushchev – Man of Peace
01:08:10 Fire bombing

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
09:00:40 Incendiary Attack For Japanese Cities
09:01:11 Scenes of Tokyo – v. good!
09:02:38 B29s
09:03:14 Scenes of new Tokyo
09:04:08 B29s
09:04:20 ext. HQ Army Air Forces Proving Ground Command – followed by history of incendiary development, incl. tests
09:10:49 (sound cuts out)
09:19:18 Firebombing – Tokyo burning?

09:19:56 LeMay and other military seated, watching film.
09:21:56 B29 taking off with palm trees in foreground.
09:22:18 Int. B29 pilot and co-pilot.
09:22:37 Bombs being dropped.
09:22:43 Aerial shots of smoldering remains of city.
09:22:59 Three officers study map.
09:23:40 LeMay conferring with aide.

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
10:00:40 ‘Commanding General Aide de Camp’ sign .
10:00:48 LeMay and Power studying huge globe.
10:01:31 (LS) LeMay sat at desk, working.
10:02:37 LeMay studies globe alone.
10:03:07 Power studies globe alone.
10:04:03 (MS) LeMay sat at desk.

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
11:00:40 Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile production.
11:02:01 B52 taking off and going directly over camera.
11:02:08 B58 in flight filmed from above.
11:02:23 Ballistic missiles taking off.
11:03:47 F-16 in flight filmed from below fires missile.
11:04:32 Missile being transported on trailer.
11:08:57 Missile being transported on trailer.
11:09:07 Slow (CU) tracking shot down missile on trailer.
11:09:25 Zooms in and out on separate sections of missile.
11:10:52 B52 taking off and going past camera.
11:10:58 Missile tip poking out of silo, and int. view of silo.
11:11:08 Missile launchers at their controls.
11:12:13 Missile launching (night-time) watched by military personnel.
11:13:18 Missile launching (day-time).

11:14:25 Eisenhower denies lag in missile race.
11:15:31 Eisenhower decorates Defence Sec. Wilson at Whitehouse and swears in Macllroy as his replacement.

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL/NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
02:00:00 Satellite a Bust: Rocket Blows Up in First US Try

Source: National Archives/public domain (Beta Pal) e
T/IN       Subject
1 0:00:01 Eisenhower Press Conference – re: Military Industrial Complex, morning after his farewell speech to the nation, Jan. 18 1 961
10:01:58 Air Defence – Walter Cronkite
10:02:21 Combat Operations Center
10:02:56 Telex machine
10:03:03 Plotting board and the plotter
10:04:22 “Air Defence Readiness” sign goes on
10:04:29 Interceptors scramble
10:05:16 Seconds for Survival – NORAD and early warning radar, etc
10:06:26 SAGE Combat Center
10:06:48 Jet interceptors followed by Atlas launch
10:07:18 National Warning System – and civil defence
10:07:48 Crowds in street
10:08:03 Presenter – ICBMs
10:08:35 SAM – Nike Zeus
10:08:59 Presenter – time is of the essence + what if?
10:09:40 US streets
10:1 0:00 Enemy attack – plotting board
10:10:09 Radar
10:10:25 Telex
10:1 0:44 Siren and interceptors scramble
10:11:06 B47s in flight
10:11:12 Interceptors scramble
10:11:36 SAMs rise out of silos
10:11:45 This is an air raid warning! – people running into shelters + SAMs
10:1 2:53 The White House – decision is made to strike back
10:13:02 Siren and SAC scramble – AFB in snow + AFB in desert
10:13:22 B47 take off followed by B52 take off
10:13:45 Command Center – Attention missile sites. Fire on designated targets
10:13:49 Telephone operator gives order
10:1 3:51 Missile keys turned and buttons pressed
10:13:55 ICBMs launch
10:14:30 SAMs launch and hit planes
10:15:34 Presenter
10:16:08 Focus on SAC – Power with globe – gives speech re: SAC and deterrence
10:17:48 SAC underground HQ – doors open, corridors, etc.
10:18:21 Map room
10:19:27 Peace is our profession board at Westover AFB, Mass. B52s
10:19:46 Alert crew center – interior/crew reading/turntable/playing cards
10:20:41 Telephone at NORAD
10:21:06 Officer picks up phone – This is a SAC alert!
10:21:35 Siren – SAC alert crews scramble and drive out to B52
10:23:03 B52s take off and in flight
10:25:45 Air Force News LeMay arrives in plane; goes down steps and is greeted
10:26:53 20th Century: SAC: Aloft and Below: Part II, (Dec. 22, 1 963) *see details, NOT Public Domain material
10:26:54 Cronkite interviews Power
10:29:51 Air re-fuelling sequence; B52 Strangelove shots
10:36:55 Red Nightmare – suburb, the Capitol, NYC street
10:37:52 Nightmare in Red – Stalin icons

Source: Imperial War Museum/commercial (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
01:00:00 Air Control in Waziristan

Source: National Archives/public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
12:00:40   Kennedy on increase in defence spending and policy
12:03:45   The Big Picture – Kennedy inauguration – The Eagle’s Talon
12:05:03   McNamara at desk – gives speech on defence after first year in office – meeting the challenge of Communism
12:06:16   Military build-up – shots of tanks, jeeps
12:06:27   Submarine missile launch
12:06:32   SAM launch
12:06:34   Bombers in formation
12:06:37   Various missile launches
12:06:54   The White House (still)
12:06:58   Kennedy (still)
12:07:02   Pentagon (still)
12:07:08   Defence staff meeting – Sec of Army, Stahr; Dep.Sec of Defence, Gilpatric; Sec of Navy, Connally; sec of Air, Zukert
12:07:19   JCS Meeting – LeMay
12:07:38   Capitol Building
12:07:51   Red Square – parade including missiles
12:08:14   Massed B52s in flight (very good footage)
12:08:44   B58 being re-fuelled
12:09:02   B52s on 15 min alert – scrambling crew
12:09:18   B52s take off
12:09:35   USN Aircraft carriers
12:09:59   USN Polaris submarine and missile launch
12:10:25   ICBM missile base and Atlas launch

12:11:04   Atlas launmch (continued)
12:11:06   Minuteman launch
12:11:44   Early Warning System – radar
12:12:15   Nike Zeus test
12:12:30   Nike Hercules
12:12:46   Civil Defence – shots of city streets; children; public shelters.
12:15:03  The Communist Threat and expansion – including shots of Berlina and Iron Curtain
12:20:20   NATO HQ

12:21:17   (Continued)
12:21:38   CENTO Meeting – Mountbatten
12:24:31   Scenes of American Life/ ‘Dream’ – streets, crowds; children; suburbs; at work; Washington, etc (very good footage)
12:25:38   McNamara

Source: CBS/commercial (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
01:00:41 LeMay at Senate Hearings
01:01:51 LeMay on campaign trail in 1968
01:02:25 LeMay on campaign trail in 1968 giving speech in street
01:02:59 LeMay in press conference, 1968. Asked whether his views on nuclear weapons have damaged Wallace campaign
01:04:14 LeMay greeted by crowds during campaign, 1968

Public domain material from National Archives – provided by Film/Audio Services Inc.
T/IN       Subject
RSM LB 078 TI01:00:40 – Construction
00:00:48 Truman
00:01:25 Truman
RSM B 153
TI 01:01:50 – Time Square VJ celebrations
03:00 – Wide shot buildings, NYC
RSM B 29
TI 01:04:05- Red Menace – European Communists
01:05:50 – US mock commie take over
COS LB 023
TI 01:07:58 – Invaders Seize Town
RSM LB 223
TI 01:09:50 – Ext. of Atomic Energy Commission
RSM LB 264
TI 01:11:15 – Yanks coming home RSM LB 074
TI 01:21:30 – Security RSM 10232
TI 01:28:40 – Houses

Curtis Lemay’s home movie (NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
TI 01.00.41 to 01.04.31 Mrs LeMay and June Winter and Spring at the LeMay house
TI 01.04.36 to 01.09.39 Mrs LeMay feeding squirrel on the porch June in winter & dog, sledging and skiing & in a dress
TI 01.09.51 to 01.23.41 Fall at some other house, DIY. June with dog. Lake or river scenes with canoeing and fishing. In the cabin cleaning, frying and eating the fish. Waterfall. June & dog carts
TI 01.23.46 to 01.46.12 Churches. Easter scene. Resort with ducks, horse-back riding, swimming, cycling, skipping and squirrels, the house, riding horses and blossoming trees.
TI 01.46.23 to Winter scene, mountains, large estate, 5, Beethoven Strasse (Junsbruck) Xmas scenes. The family. Scenes in the Alps from a cable car. Germanic town & festivities. June & family on a horse carriage ride.

Curtis LeMay’s home movies 2 (NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
TI 01.00.42 to 01.08.56 Xmas scenes featuring the LeMay corvette and thunderbird, Mrs LeMay & June and the dog.
TI 01.09.00 to 01.12.47 Coronation (Queen of May?). Children lined up, procession of young women.
TI 01.12.49 to 01.17.53 Hawaii. Landscape, sailing on a catamaran on the beach & surfing.
TI 01.17.54 to 01.20.32 Military inspection during change of command?
TI 01.20.38 to 01.21.19 Scenes in Japan
TI 01.21.33 to 01.24.31 Unidentified male & female sitting by a pool with a dog.
TI 01.24.31 to 01.25.41 A F B, generals with military men
TI 01.25.42 to 01.26.27 Poodle (dog) jumping through a hoop
TI 01.26.30 to 01.28.07 Hong Kong: landscape, on a sail boat
TI 01.28.09 to 01.28.25 Woman boarding an aircraft & Generals at A F B
TI 01.28.26 to 01.32.17 Western Mediterranean scenes & architecture. LeMay family. Street scenes
TI 01.32.20 to 01.39.38 Boat with US naval personnel (at the isle of Capri)
TI 01.39.42 to 01.51.03 Italian coast, street scenes, shopping, walking, canoeing. Shots on the boat and of the landscape. Mt Etna.
TI 01.51.04 to 01.56.22 Lemay’s in Pompeii
TI 01.56.23 to 01.58.39 Street scenes in Italy
TI 01.58.43 to 02.00.38 Shots of houses, the LeMay family, street scenes in the Netherlands
TI 02.00.40 to Denmark? LeMay family. Sites, statues & scenes in a park

China, England & Germany 1947 (NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
TI 01.00.41 to 01.19.35 A F B scenes with pilots, plane taking off, in the sky, aerial shots of planes dropping bombs. Close up of bombs falling/sites on the ground, planes in flight.
TI 01.19.36 to 01.26.13 A F B scenes & pilots, plane descending, Generals talking, shots of plane damage
TI 01.26.16 to 01.29.56 American flag. Shots of houses & churches (England?)
TI 01.29.58 to 01.33.40 Generals standing & officers talking, shots around a house. (England estate)
TI 01.33.42 to 01.37.02 China: city (Chentu) street scenes & people
TI 01.37.05 to 01.40.24 Mountains. Street scene in India of traffic warden. Officers & scenes on A F B. Plane taking off
TI 01.40.25 to 01.43.09 Manila, Philippines bomb damage Wrecked Japanese aircraft
TI 01.43.44 to 01.45.09 Lobsters & fish in water
TI 01.45.11 to 01.45.46 Trees. A F B scenes
TI 01.45.48 to 01.46.32 Bermuda: large white house & boats by the harbour
TI 01.46.33 to 01.49.23 London, England, from the air and ground buildings, tourists sites ( St Paul’s, Tower Bridge)
TI 01.49.27 to 01.51.51 Germany bomb damage
TI 01.51.53 to 01.55.45 England: Buckingham Palace, military march, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben & traffic scenes
TI 01.55.47 to 01.58.38 Germany bomb damage
TI 01.58.42 to Vienna, Austria House. Paris, France: general tourist scenes

Guam and the Philippines contents (NTSC)

T/IN       Subject
TI 01.01.15 to 01.02.06 Guam: Aerial of the island.
TI 01.02.09 to 01.02.17 Generals O’Donnell and Ramey in group Generals Norstad and LeMay in group
TI 01.02.18 to 01.03.11 Aerial of the Marianas chain. Aerial of airstrip with P-61S
TI 01.03.15 to 01.06.22 A F B, soldiers, bombed out planes & tanks
TI 01.06.27 to 01.07.33 Shots of the island & barracks
TI 01.07.35 to 01.08.19 General scenes around the island
TI 01.08.22 to 01.09.17 General Kenny and group
TI 01.09.24 to 01.10.11 Aerial of the island
TI 01.10.28 to 01.13.11 Soldiers taking shots to air
TI 01.13.13 to 01.16.24 Generals, views of the island, plane landing, Generals posing by an oriental arch.
TI 01.16.26 to 01.18.57 General scenes of bombed out houses
TI 01.19.02 to 01.22.42 Bombed out streets of Manilla
TI 01.22.46 to 01.25.57 Crashed planes, bombed out buildings flower market & people.
TI 01.25.59 to 01.30.44 Generals Arnold, Kuter, Armstrong.
Ceremony at the christening of B-29 called 1 Fleet Admiral Nimitz’ Generals Doolittle and Power in group.
TI 01.30.47 to 314th Bomb Wing review. General giving a speech. Village scenes, women working on sewing machines.

Source: Berlin material/Russian Archive via Russian Film Service (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
03:05:20 Soviet Pilots getting into early jet Migs and Mig 15s Visit by Stalin to the Airfield/Stalin and Soviet inner circle and crowds watch flypast by Migs. Lots of aerobatics shots by Migs: reaction shots of crowd.
10:35:00 US Soldiers being marched through North Korean town followed by North Korean units.
14:13:08 Arrival by train of young Kim II Sung in Moscow speech at station visit to Kremlin shots of Moscow sighing of Treaty.
19:36:22 North Korean forces with Soviet armor and airplanes, shots of large numbers of Illyushin II 11s in mass airfield.
28:32:12 Speech by Kim II Sung/departure from USSR 29:56:04 North Koreans watch the departure of an army unit/villagers incredible scene of peasants bowing at a statue/shrine of Stalin North Korea army units making
oaths of allegiance.
11:40:12 De-brief of North Korean Spy after mission to the South, he returns with supposed photos of South Korean mistreatment of civilians.
19:13:10 Wrecked US Douglas Sky raider and Capture of US Airmen.
19:25:08 Captured US and South Korean Soldiers being held in large numbers, close ups of Black US troops.

H-Source: Johnson Controls World (BETA/PAL/NTSC)
T/IN       Subject
00:00:09 USAF B29/USAF Lockheed C130 Hercules fitted with aerial photography equipment shots inside cockpit and fuselage shots of cameras being attended to by airmen/US jungle base with DC 3 and helicopters.
02:34:21 Aerial photography in Peru by USAF C130 & in Brazil with converted B29.
07:21:20 SACs first in-flight re-fuelling squadron (B29s) LeMay @ Offutt Airbase/air crews.
08:05:00 North Korean forces attacking the south 1950/in-flight re-fuelling/B29s bombing in Korea/B47s/KC97 tankers/lots of shots of B36s in formation and on take off as part of operation ‘Bigstick’.
09:46:02 Mushroom could of Nuclear test/SAC training/shots of control rooms and operatives/tests of US ICBM rockets engines/ B52/KC135 tankers/U2s.
11:20:15 B29 in endurance flight over North Pole arriving in Egypt/shots of B29 and crew on Tar Mac in Cairo.

Source: public domain (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
00:13:11 Clintons visit the Korean War Memorial on the 42nd anniversary of end of the conflict
00:42:23 President Clinton and President of South Korea at Korean War Memorial, Washington
01:13:08 Laying of a wreath at memorial by President Clinton
01:45:03 Clinton speech on North Korean nuclear agreement and general security issues in the Korean peninsular
04:02:14 (Fade) Clinton speech at Korean Memorial/shots of veterans
07:17:16 Opening of Memorial/shots of the Memorial
08:16:24 Speech of South Korean President at Memorial/shots of Memorial
09:07:11 Shots of Memorial/Interviews with veterans
13:47:17 Interviews with veterans

Source: public domain NBC News (BETA PAL)
T/IN       Subject
02:30:00 Unrelated footage
02:50:04 Ike makes long address to congress/V.P.Nixon in background, reaction shots of crowd and congress
08:24:10 Ike addressing Congress/on tension in the Middle East