Useful Links

Useful web links

Here are some links to other sites on the web that Paul either has some connection to or contains similar content.

Scott Lucas: Professor William ‘Scott’ Lucas of the University of Birmingham is an expert on US foreign policy; US intelligence services; 20th Century US diplomatic history; propaganda, history and the media; Anglo-American and US-European relations. See his CV

Nick Davies: is a fine investigative journalist and has produced a thought provoking book on the journalism trade: Flat Earth News Visit the Flat Earth News website

Cryptome: the best daily updated site on intelligence and many other things run by John Young. But is frequently cut off by ISPs at request of US Government. Visit Cryptome

Centre for Investigative Journalism: the UK’s main investigative journalism organisation run by Gavin Mcfadyean. It runs an annual summer school in London in July. Visit the CIJ website.

University of West Sussex – Journalism Department

yrtkcoversmHeather Brooke: the Freedom on Information specialist. Lots of great stories and campaigns


vespasianusRoman Road Group: this is a group who started by looking at the possible route of the Roman road between Eggardon and Axminster and has broaden out into researching the Roman campaign in Dorset against the Durotriges.