PL’s photo and life story is in the excellent Marshwood Vale magazine this month

Marshwood Vale Magazine is the excellent magazine that serves the border of Dorset,  Devon and Somerset. Every month they feature a commissioned photo of a local person on the cover and accompanied by a take on their  life story. This month I have the privilege.

Thanks to Fergus and Victoria Byrne the editors and to Robin Mills the photographer and writer. Read the full article.

PL Mills July 2019


Making the case for women in football…All the interest in the Women’s World Cup reminds me of story from 1990……

My first film for Granada TV’s World in Action series was on why women were being marginalised by the football authorities, clubs and many male fans. I spent some weeks hanging out with some heavy drinking Stockport fans who had very trenchant views of the place of women in football. There were a few signs of hope – we went to film the amazing AC Milan team. Nearly thirty years later  determined women have persisted and now women’s football is being recognised for the force it is. The programme went out in January 1990 and was called, rather clumsily, Send for the Sisters. The producer was Stephen Clarke (why no women on the reporting side? Don’t ask!). I did a couple of articles off the back of the programme and here’s the Guardian one.

Send for the sisters


PL’s al-Jazeera film revealing manipulation of the Brexit vote

Who Paid for Brexit?  

I front this programme for the Al-Jazeera ‘People and Power’ team. With more calls for a UK Mueller style inquiries, it seeks to explain the jiggery-pokery of the dodgy donors, dark money, voter manipulation and appalling failure of the Electoral Commission, politicians and police to tackle these issues in the immediate aftermath of the referendum.

The relationship between mental health and job insecurity- an early warning

I came across this piece I wrote for the New Statesman in 1995 that now seems quite prescient given the mental health crisis and the rise of the gig economy. There is a clear and obvious link the government – being Darwinian – refuse to make to this day.

IMG_4373 (2)