Paul has written books on journalism, the secret state, terrorism and crime.

Forthcoming: Investigative Journalism, de Burgh, H and Lashmar, P. (eds) (March 2021) Routledge

9781446207352Online Journalism: The Essential Guide co-authored with Steve Hill (Dec 2013) Online and social media have become indispensible tools for journalists, but you still have to know how to find and tell a great story. Combining theory and practice, Online Journalism: The Essential Guide will take students through the classic skills of investigating, writing and reporting as they master the new environments of mobile, on-demand, social, participatory and entrepreneurial journalism.

Students will also develop must-have skills in app development for smartphones and tablets, as well as techniques in podcast, blog and news website production.

Other features include:

  • Tips and advice from leading industry experts in their own words
  • QR codes throughout the book to take readers straight to multimedia links
  • A fully up-to-date companion website loaded with teaching resources, detailed careers advice and industry insights
  • Exercises to help students hone their skills
  • Top five guided reading lists for each topic, so students can take it further

ird_book_coverBritain’s Secret Cold War Propaganda co-authored with James Oliver, published Oct 1998 by Sutton Pub Ltd. Britain’s Secret Propaganda War is the first book to be written about The Foreign Office’s Information Research Department (IRD)  an important chapter in the history of the Cold War. The narrative is driven by actual accounts of IRD covert operations and includes a number of “exclusives.” The IRD was set up under the Labour Government in 1948 and clandestinely financed from the Secret Intelligence Service budget. A large organisation with close links to MI6 – with whom it shared many personnel – it waged a vigorous covert propaganda campaign against Eastern Bloc Communism for nearly thirty years using journalists, politicians, academics and trade unionists -none of whom were “unwitting.”

britains_secret_propaganda_war_2Such famous names as George Orwell, Denis Healey, Stephen Spender, Bertrand Russell and Guy Burgess helped or backed the work of IRD. Parliament, had it known of the true purpose of IRD’s existence, may well have rejected an anti-Communist propaganda offensive, but it was simply not informed.

Using a vast array of techniques to influence world and domestic opinion IRD’s activities mirrored and complemented similar CIA covert propaganda operations.

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spyflights_book_coverSpy flights of the Cold War published Sept 1996 by Sutton Pub Ltd. Available in paperback and a wide range of translations. Here for the first time is the full story of the Cold War’s secret but very real war in which hundreds of combatants lost their lives. Long before Gary Powers’ U-2 spy plane was shot down over the USSR in 1960, an undeclared war was being fought in the stratosphere. This was the aerial espionage war between the West and the Soviet Union.

Author Paul Lashmar’s research has uncovered top secret missions flown by US Air Force and Royal Air Force crews, deep into the Soviet Union. He has interviewed USAF and RAF participants, and the Red Air Force pilots that tried, sometimes successfully, to shoot them down. He has also discovered evidence of an alarming 1950s USAF plan to use these spy flights to provoke a nuclear World War Three, which would have wiped the Soviet union and China from the face of the earth. New evidence, both documentary and interview, from the former Soviet Union reveals the full extent of political tension created by the spy plane war. From 1950 over 40 western aircraft were shot down and hundreds of air force officer died or remain missing. The book documents the hunt today for these Cold War MIAs (missing in action) Spy Flights of the Cold War represents an important contribution to our knowledge of the deadly espionage war.

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Scotland Yard’s Cocaine Connection with Andrew Jennings and Vyv Simson. Published by Jonathan Cape. Hardback June 1990. Paperback 1991.

Siege – Seven Days at the Iranian Embassy – credited researcher on Observer writing team. Published by Macmillan (1980).