PL: We’ve got a big two-parter in The Observer on UK involvement in the Indonesia mass murder of the 1960s.

Revealed: how UK spies incited mass murder of Indonesia’s communists

Slaughter in Indonesia: Britain’s secret propaganda war

Nice review of my spy book by Professor Richard Keeble

“Given the importance of the intelligence services in shaping the news agenda it is a matter of serious concern that the links between hacks and spooks have been so little studied in the academy. Paul Lashmar’s latest text helps fill the
gap in masterly fashion.

He is the ideal person to write this study. An award-winning investigative reporter and now head of the prestigious Journalism programme at City, University of London, Lashmar has covered many of the recent controversies outlined
here. Since the early 1980s, his career has included spells at the Observer, Granada Television’s Work in Action, the Independent and the Independent on Sunday. The bibliography at the end includes 24 texts he has sole-authored
plus another 21 he jointly authored between 1983 and 2018 – this alone giving an idea of the depth and breadth of his journalism in this area.

But Lashmar’s investigative background means that he is able to enliven the text throughout with some engaging personal anecdotes and insights into changing journalist routine.”

“This is, in fact, a massively detailed, original and thought-provoking study that should be required reading for all students and teachers of journalism, media, communication, intelligence studies and politics”

The full detailed review is in Vol 18. No1/2 2021 OSSN 1742-0105 and can be found at:

‘Investigative Journalism’ 3rd edition published this week, co-edited by Hugo de Burgh and Paul Lashmar

This third edition maps the new world of investigative journalism, where technology and globalisation have connected and energised journalists, whistle-blowers and the latest players, with far-reaching consequences for politics and business worldwide. 
In this new edition, expert contributors demonstrate how crowdsourcing, big data, globalisation of information, and changes in media ownership and funding have escalated the impact of investigative journalists. The book includes case studies of investigative journalism from around the world, including the exposure of EU corruption, the destruction of the Malaysian environment, and investigations in China, Poland and Turkey. From Ibero-America to Nigeria, India to the Arab world, investigative journalists intensify their countries’ evolution by inquisition and revelation.
This new edition reveals how investigative journalism has gone digital and global. Investigative Journalism is essential for all those intending to master global politics, international relations, media and justice in the 21st century.

UCL apologises for supporting Eugenists.

I critique Galton’s use of composite photography to create cultural constructs, which demonised or ‘‘othered’’ people in my ‘Mugshots’ paper. Lashmar, P. (2014). How to humiliate and shame: A reporter’s guide to the power of the mugshot. Social Semiotics, 24(1), pp. 56–87.

PL’s follow-up story on Richard Drax MP’s wealth from The Observer and Sunday Mirror.

You might find my follow-up story on Richard Drax MP of interest (The Observer and Sunday Mirror). Please share especially to Dorset friends .

Reparations row MP adds plantation to his register of members’ interests

Tory Richard Drax, who represents South Dorset, has corrected a number of ‘errors and omissions’ in his parliamentary list

Tory MP admits owning former slave plantation where his family made millions

EXCLUSIVE Richard Drax is the wealthiest landowner in the House of Commons – and worth as much as £150 million

PL’s stories about Tory MP who has inherited plantation where family had slaves for 200 years.

Wealthy MP urged to pay up for his family’s slave trade past

Tory MP raking in cash from sugar plantation where thousands died during slave trade

He’s the MP with the Downton Abbey lifestyle. But the shadow of slavery hangs over the gilded life of Richard Drax