TV Progs

Highly skilled investigative journalist, producer and consultant for TV, film and radio

Programmes as consultant/interviewee

Supergrass - May07thatcher failed coup - Jan 05cash - harley st - July 04guns- harley st Mar 03

  • Reporter Al-Jazeera Who Paid for Brexit? 13 Dec 2018.
  • Consultant and interviewee: Channel 5 Documentary Britain’s Biggest Bank Job. On the 1971 Baker Street Robbery. Broadcast 22.00 26 Nov 2015
  • Consultant and interviewee: BBC2 Drama Documentary Supergrass (Broadcast 9pm 13th May 2007)
  • Consultant and interviewee: German TV documentary on spyflights: Playing with Fire – The Hot Sky in the Cold War (Broadcast Summer of 2006) ARTE 52-minute version; Spring of 2007, MDR 45-minute version.
  • Originator and Associate Producer: Thatcher and the Failed Coup A Touch Productions film for BBC3 (Broadcast 24 January 2005)
  • Consultant: C5 series on Major Criminals (Broadcast April 2005)
  • Consultant: BBC2 series Underworld Rich List (Broadcast in July 2004)
  • Originator and series consultant: Channel 4 two-part series HOW TO ROB A BANK. Commissioned through Bridport Films and made by RDF Media. 10 & 17 March 2003

Programmes as producer or reporter

4 June 1998 Tx: Producer/Director – Channel 4 News Special on the anniversary of the Dispatches programme on the Kent and Canterbury cervical screening scandal (see below). Produced from the C4 News independent fund.

19 March 98: Producer – C4 Dispatches programme INSPECTING THE INSPECTORS – investigation into the school’s inspection agency Ofsted and its controversial boss, Chris Woodhead.

22 May 97: Producer – C4 Dispatches THE TEST – investigation into the scandal behind Britain’s biggest ever cervical smear rescreening. Also Producer of Channel 4 News special report to coincide with NHS inquiry stemming from the original programme (20 Oct 97).

Baiting the bear8 Oct 1996: Producer/originator – BBC Timewatch BAITING THE BEAR – how the real life Dr Strangelove generals brought us close to Armageddon.

21 Jan 1996: Producer/originator – Of BBC Timewatch RUSSIA’S SECRET WAR on Stalin’s role in the Korean War.

June 95: Reporter/presenter – BBC Radio 5 Special on Grasses and Supergrasses for their Crime Week

12 May 95: On screen reporter – BBC2’s Newsnight – a special Investigation into the shooting of unarmed man by police.

11 Jan 95: Development Producer and consultant – For The Torture Trail a one-hour special for Channel 4’s Dispatches. An undercover investigation into British companies who trade in weapons used in torture.

15 Nov 94: Consultant to John Pilger – For his Arms Trade documentary Flying the Flag, Arming the World for Network First.

Aug 94: On screen reporter on BBC TV Newsnight – Special Investigation into bone rotting disease that afflicts divers and tunnel workers.

May 94: Consultant: On Nick Broomfield’s Channel 4 documentary, The Search for Mrs Thatcher

9 Feb 94: Producer/originator of Spies on the Sky: An investigation into allied spyplane operations during the Cold War for the BBC TV Timewatch series (and Arts & Entertainment Channel in the U.S.)

Sept 95-June 98: Development Coordinator for Brook Lapping Productions – A leading Independent TV Production Company. When not producing TV investigations, retained to develop ideas, both others, and mine for television.

Other productions

1977-78 Swindon Viewpoint: My first serious involvement with film-making was as a student placement with Britain’s first access cable TV station. It was here I learnt to use cameras and edit suites. One student project was a programme on the concept of Access TV.